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Action Plan

2019 Annual Action Plan

An Annual Action Plan is required by HUD each year of the Consolidated Plan period for the following State Programs to receive 2019 HUD funding: 1) Community Development Block Grant Program administered by the SC Department of Commerce, Grants Administration; 2) HOME Investment Partnerships and National Housing Trust Fund programs administered by the SC State Housing Finance and Development Authority; 3) Emergency Solutions Grants administered by the SC Office of Economic Opportunity; and 4) Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS administered by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, STD/HIV Division.

2019 is the fourth year in the current 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan period. The 2019 Plan contains each program’s expected resources, goals for the upcoming Plan year, planned method for distributing funding, as well as information regarding consultation and participation, affordable housing and barriers to affordable housing, homelessness and housing activities pertinent to other special needs, etc. Additional and more detailed program information is contained in program documents available from each administering agency.

Click the links below to download the 2019 Action Plan or the 2019 CDBG Program Description.

CDBG Program Description

The State's CDBG Program Description is required by HUD as part of the Consolidated Plan process. It represents the State's annual plan for distributing CDBG funding, and pertinent sections are summarized in the State's Annual Action Plan.

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