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Action Plan

2018 Annual Action Plan

The 2018 Annual Action Plan is the second annual plan under the State's 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan. HUD requires annual plans each year in order to receive funding under the five HUD Consolidated Plan Programs: CDBG, HOME, National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF), HOPWA and ESG. The Plan contains a summary of each program’s 2018 Program, along with additional information available from each administering agency. For 2018, draft documents were available during the public comment period and remained posted until HUD announced final allocations. HUD announced the state’s final 2018 allocation in May and final documents were submitted to HUD. The final version of the Plan reflects 2018 resources available, goals and objectives for the 2018 Plan Year, each Program's method of distribution, and other information pertaining to the citizen participation process, affordable housing, homeless and special needs activities, barriers to affordable housing and other activities.

CDBG Program Description

The State's CDBG Program Description is required by HUD as part of the Consolidated Plan process. It represents the State's annual plan for distributing CDBG funding, and pertinent sections are summarized in the 2018 Annual Action Plan. The Annual Action Plan was prepared as required, and was available for review and comment through February 6, 2018. HUD has announced the State's final 2018 allocations for CDBG and other Con Plan programs; and the 2018 Plan has been finalized and it has been submitted to HUD as required.

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