Implementation Workshop

Click the links below for the Presentation Slides from the 2020 Implementation Workshop

Implementation Manual

The Implementation Manual provides the information necessary to manage and implement CDBG-funded projects. It serves three purposes:

  • Assists grant recipients in the day-to-day administration of CDBG projects
  • Provides practical information on how to implement CDBG projects that will meet legal, financial and program obligations
  • Provides grant administrators a step-by-step approach to setting up, implementing, auditing and closing out CDBG projects

The most recent version of the Implementation Manual can be accessed here. This is the complete manual. Click on this link to download and search the entire manual by topic area.

Or click any of the links below to access individual chapters of the manual.

Please click on the Forms menu to view forms and other documents referenced in the Manual. Other important documents can be found on the Program Documents page.