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2018 Annual Action Plan

The State of South Carolina prepared its 2018 Annual Action Plan and the draft plan was available for review and comment for 30 days beginning January 8, 2018. This Annual Action Plan is required by HUD and necessary for the State to receive 2018 HUD funding for the CDBG, HOME, National Housing Trust Fund, HOPWA and ESG programs. The draft Plan can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  

Note that the consolidated Annual Action Plan contains a summary of each program’s individual annual plan, with more detailed documents available from the administering agency.  For the Draft 2018 CDBG Program Description, click here.

The final version of the Consolidated Annual Action Plan will be submitted as required by HUD, once final allocations are announced. Program plans will also be revised to reflec the final allocation. 

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South Carolina Annual Action Plan

The State's consolidated Annual Action Plan contains a summary of each program's annual plan, with additional information available from each administering agency. Programs covered under the Consolidated Plan include CDBG, HOME, National  Housing Trust Fund (NHTF), HOPWA and ESG. For 2018, draft documents will be available during the public comment period. Please see the notice above. HUD has not yet announced the state's final 2018 allocation and final documents will not be submitted to HUD until the final allocation is announced and the Plan is revised to reflect actual 2018 resources available. Until program year start on April 1, the prior 2017 Annual Action Plan is still in effect. Click here to go the CDBG Program documents page. 

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